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Member: Technical Issues

"I entered a chatroom and got this error: Connection closed"
There are 2 possible reasons that can cause this error: * The performer just... more
"Cant buy credits" OR "Asking for username/password when buying credits"
Issues on buying credits is usually cause by cookies being disabled. Please clic... more
"No rights to view this page"
Please go to live support so we can check the reason why you are blocked. more
"Cannot see model's msg"
Performer sometimes sends messages in Private Conversation Window and not in Pub... more
"I just bought credits but my balance show 0 or not updated"
You need to go to our Live Support to sort this issue. We just need to reset you... more
"I can't see performer's webcam."
First, you need to check if the issue is same on any of the performers you visit... more
"No audio"
Ensure the performer has Audio enabled. If it is enabled and still you cannot he... more
"No chat text box in the chatroom"
In the chatroom page, try to press CTRL 0 (zero). This will make the elements of... more
"Cam to cam feature doesn't work"
Cam to cam feature work only in private chatroom. The button for "Share you Cam"... more