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Managers / Performers FAQ

How do I register for a studio account?
STUDIO REGISTRATION You may register for a studio account here http://www.asianc... more
What payment types do you offer for Studios?
We accept the following Payment types: PayMaya, Bank/Wire transfer, Paypal, and ... more
What are the fees?
PayMaya – $2 per transaction Bank/Wire transfer – local transfer (within United... more
What browsers work best?
For best results here is a list of browsers that are compatible with WebRTC: ... more
When is the cut-off period?
The cut-off is twice-monthly every 15th and 30th or 31st of the month at 12:00AM... more
What IDs or documents are needed for Studio Payee Info approval?
For all Payment methods, a scan of a valid government photo ID is needed along w... more
What is the minimum quota?
Minimum quota is $100 net. more
If I do not reach the quota, how do I request for my salary?
After the cut-off period, check your Statement of Account. If you do not reach q... more
Where do I download the Model Release form?
http://asiancamsex.com/ModelRelease.doc (http://asiancamsex.com/ModelRelease.doc... more
How do I create a solo Performer account?
Log onto your Studio account and click on Add New Performer. Fill in the Registr... more
How do I create a Couples Performer account?
For male and female Couples: Register the female partner as a solo model (Categ... more
I have created my Performer account, how long before it is approved?
We approve new model accounts as they come in. Please check your email after 30 ... more
How will I know if the Performer account I have created is approved?
When you log onto your Studio account, click on Performers tab and you will see ... more
Why do I see Incomplete for the status of my Performer account?
You either have missed a step on the approval process or the documents for 2257 ... more
I have uploaded new photos for my Gallery. How long before they are approved?
We approve photos as they come in. They are usually approved within 10-15 minute... more
How do I check my studio earnings?
Log onto your studio account, http://www.asiancamsex.com/exec/manager/login, and... more
How do I check my Performer earnings?
Log onto your performer account, http://www.asiancamsex.com/exec/performer/login... more
Do I receive earnings for PPV?
Yes. Videos that members buy on PPV will also be reflected on your Transactions.... more
Can I request for my videos to be removed on PPV?
No. All videos are property of the site. You signed a Model Release form when yo... more
I see a refund on my Stats. How do I know which member requested the refund?
Log onto your performer account and go to Transactions. You will see under Descr... more
I received an email that my earnings were deducted due to member chargeback. What is a chargeback?
A chargeback occurs when the member either refuses to settle his credit card bil... more
How do I cancel my studio account?
Send an email to stu[email protected] (mailto:studioaccounts@interactiv... more
How do I cancel a model account?
You may either send an email to [email protected] (mailto:support@asiancam... more
How do I update my model screen name?
We do not allow changes or updates on model screen names. You will need to creat... more
I forgot my studio password. How do I recover my password?
Use the Lost your password link on the Login page, http://www.asiancamsex.com/ex... more
I forgot my performer password. How do I recover my password?
Use the Lost your password link on the Login page, http://www.asiancamsex.com/ex... more
How do I update my studio email address?
Send an email to stu[email protected] (mailto:studioaccounts@interactiv... more
What are the site policies re violations?
No scat (poo/defecating), no blood (includes cutting or menstrual period), no an... more
How do I add/remove pregnant category or additional categories to my performer account?
Visit us in Live Chat. Provide your username or screen name. You will need to be... more
How do I block a member that is bothering or harassing me in my room?
Go to the Contact Us page and fill up a ticket. Provide your performer username ... more
Why do I keep getting disconnected when I am online?
It might caused of the slow internet connection from your end. If you think that... more
What does fps mean?
FPS stands for Frames Per Second, used for measuring the frame rate in a moving ... more
How do I download manycam or splitcam?
Manycam - http://download.manycam.com/ Splitcam - http://splitcamera.com/downloa... more
I just logged onto my performer account but I do not see my cam.
Make sure your video source is correct. To verify, right click your video screen... more
I want to talk to my members during private chat so I don’t have to type. How can I test my mic and speakers?
Try this link to configure your mic https://www.onlinemictest.com. And this link... more
How do I reativate my Performer account if it was Suspended for expired ID?
A notice is sent to your studio re the model that has an ID that will expire or ... more