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Members FAQ

What browsers work best?
For best results here is a list of browsers that are compatible with WebRTC: ... more
How do I register for a member account?
You may register here, http://www.asiancamsex.com/exec/join. Enter the required ... more
I did not receive my activation code. How do I activate my account?
Click on Contact Us and fill up a ticket. Provide us with your username and emai... more
Do I need to download any software to view the model’s cams?
You will need Adobe Flash player in order to view the model’s cams. You may down... more
Is the cam-to-cam feature available on your site?
Yes, it is but it is only available during Private chat. It does not work on mob... more
How do I refund a purchase?
Please come to Live Support or fill in the contact form if you wish to refund yo... more
A model did not perform as requested, can I get a refund?
All refunds requests will be considered on a case by case basis, please come to ... more
Are tips refundable?
NO. Unfortunately, tips are NOT refundable. Please be very sure before making AN... more
What is Midweek Madness?
For every purchase made on the sites, you get 10% Bonus for purchases made betwe... more
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards but some Biller companies may differ. Please ch... more
Do you accept debit cards?
Yes, debit cards are accepted. You may use them on NetBilling or on our alternat... more
Do you accept gift cards?
Yes, gift cards are accepted. more
Do you accept Paypal?
If you have a Paypal account, please choose the Biller Company Epoch. For the co... more
I just purchased credits but my account balance has not been updated. I checked my Bank account and I was charged.
Please provide us with the biller transaction code from your email receipt. Also... more
I just purchased credits and received a confirmation email but my account balance has not been updated. Can you help me?
Go to the Contact Us page and fill up a ticket. Choose Sales and provide us with... more
I just purchased credits but when I enter a model’s room my account balance is 0. How can I fix this?
Try logging out of your account then relogin. You may also try clearing your bro... more
What are the chat rates?
$1/min is the standard rate for private chat. Some models may charge a bit more.... more
I cannot see the models when I enter their rooms. Why is that?
Please make sure you have the latest Adobe flash player installed. If so and you... more
When I enter a model’s room, I get a white screen or connection closed. How do I fix this?
Please go to our live support so we can ask for the details and advise what's ne... more
Can I get free credits?
We run a weekly promotion where all purchases receive a 10% bonus. See Mid Week ... more
How do I recover my password?
Please use the Forgot Password link on the Login page, http://www.asiancamsex.co... more
How do I update my email address?
You may update your email address on your Profile. Enter the new email address a... more
How do I find a model I’ve visited before but can’t recall his/her screen name?
If you took the model in private chat or tipped the model, click on Account Hist... more
Can I request for model’s videos on PPV or www.icum.com?
At the moment we are not taking requests. We are working as fast as we can to up... more
How much do you charge per video for PPV?
_PREVIOUS VIDEOS price range:_ Video costs will be 2 mins 30 seconds or less $0... more
How much do you charge for videos on www.icum.com?
Costs will be as follows and there are 2 choices: Is a flat $20 recurring cost f... more
I am blocked from the site and received an email saying I was Marked For Fraud Review. What does this mean?
Your account has been temporarily locked. You may go to Live Chat to verify your... more
How do I rate a model after a private show?
You will either get a pop up window or you will be redirected to a ratings page ... more
I did not see a ratings page after private. How can I rate the model?
Please go to Contact Us page and fill up a ticket. Provide us with your username... more